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Everyone knows about the small prominence of the man’s throat, and numerous people consider it a masculine feature. The Adam’s apple or laryngeal prominence appears during puberty in males. In puberty, the larynx or voice box changes in both males and females. But, in females, it is not as significant as in males. The Adam’s apple is a bulge just under the skin in front of the middle of the throat.

What is Adam’s apple or laryngeal prominence?

The Adam’s apple is the cartilaginous growth that protrudes from the larynx or voice box and surrounds the thyroid and throat. It is usually present from birth but grows during puberty in males or someone taking testosterone hormone therapy. 

The larynx gives us a voice by which we can talk, laugh, sing, shout, or whisper. Puberty brings growth to everyone’s larynx, but a girl’s larynx grows less than a boy’s. That’s why boys develop Adam’s apple, and girls don’t. Some girls may have laryngeal prominence, and it’s normal. Because of more laryngeal growth, boys have a deeper voice than girls. The testosterone hormone also plays a crucial role in the development of Adam’s apple. That’s why trans-genders and females with excess testosterone also develop Adam’s apple.

What causes Adam’s apple to grow?

The larynx or voice box contains the vocal cords, which are fold of membranous tissue and produces the voice through vocalization. When puberty hits on boys, the testosterone hormone release causes thickening and elongation of the vocal cords with the growth of the cartilage surrounding the larynx. When the cartilage grows, it protrudes and tilts slightly forward, forming Adam’s apple in boys.

How come some people have a larger Adam’s apple than others?

During puberty, some people have a larger larynx or develop more cartilage around the vocal cords, which results in a bigger Adam’s apple. People with more laryngeal prominence have a deeper voice than people with smaller Adam’s Apple.

Adam’s apple protects our voice box from injuries and has no particular medical function. Without one, people can function normally.

Is having a huger Adam’s apple possess any medical condition?

The presence of the large Adam’s apple doesn’t cause any medical condition. It can only impact cosmetic appearance. Although, some diseases and conditions may cause swelling or growth in the larynx, resulting in Adam’s apple appearing bigger. These conditions and diseases are:

  • Goiter, an enlarged thyroid gland
  • Laryngitis or inflammation of the voice box
  • Pharyngitis or inflammation of the pharynx
  • Laryngeal cancer
  • Thyroid cancer

What is the cause of the pain in Adam’s apple?

If you have pain outside of your throat or while swallowing, especially in Adam’s apple, it can be due to the following causes:

  • Acute thyroiditis
  • Inflammation of the epiglottis
  • Candida esophagitis
  • Pharyngitis
  • Common cold

What are the types of Adam’s apple surgery?

The size of Adam’s apple doesn’t impact our overall health. But, some people may feel uncomfortable with a bulkier Adam’s apple, or some want a bigger laryngeal protuberance, as people correlate it with masculine hallmark. You can alter Adam’s apple according to your preferences. Adam’s apple enhancement or reduction surgical procedure comes under cosmetic correction. Let’s understand these procedures.

  • Adam’s apple enhancement 

The surgeons augment Adam’s apple with a natural implant to increase its size. The experts remove cartilage from the person’s body, such as from the rib cage, and then alter it into the existing Adam’s apple. The surgeons attach this augmented implant to the appropriate position to increase the size and prominence of Adam’s apple. Sometimes, a surgeon can combine chin augmentation or jaw implant with Adam’s apple enhancement to achieve an ideal masculine facial feature.

  • Adam’s apple removal or chondrolaryngoplasty

It is an extensive surgical procedure that reduces the size of laryngeal prominence. Generally, women seek chondrolaryngoplasty as facial feminization surgery (FFS). But men also seek Adam’s apple reduction in case of a bigger one. The surgeon removes the excess thyroid cartilage and reshapes the skin to achieve a smoother and flat neck.  

Adam’s apple covers the vocal cords. Therefore, after its surgery, you have to be cautious. It may take a few weeks to recover, so try to talk less, which causes pressure on the surgical area. 

If you want to enhance or reduce the size of your Adam’s apple for cosmetic reasons, talk to your doctor about the option.

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